Saturday, 31 January 2009

Glossary of Indonesia Terms

The following from Indonesia's Secret War in Aceh by John Martinkus:

  • ANSLF: Aceh North Sumatra Liberation Front
  • Brimob: Brigada Mobil - Indonesian riot police
  • DOM: Daerah Operasi Militer -- area of military operation
  • ELSHAM: Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy West Papua
  • Falintil: Forcas Armadas de Libertação de Timor Leste (Armed forces for an independent East Timor)
  • Front Pulyamet Aceh: Safe Aceh
  • GAM: Gerakan Aceh Merdeka -- Free Aceh Movement
  • ICRC: International Committee of the Red Cross
  • INTEL: Indonesian state intelligence, military, police or civilian
  • JSC: Joint Security Commission
  • Kodim: Local Indonesian military command
  • Kontras: Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence
  • Kopassus: Indonesian special forces
  • Kopkamtib: Intelligence unit
  • Kostrad: Indonesian army's strategic reserve
  • LBH: Lembaga Bantuan Hukum -- Legal Aid Foundation
  • MPR: Majelis Permusyawataran Rakyat -- People's Consultative Assembly (Indonesia's highest legislative body)
  • NII: Negara Islam Indonesia -- the Islamic State of Indonesia
  • NU: Nahdlatul Ulama -- Muslim Scholar Organisation
  • OPM: Organisasi Papua Merdeka -- Free Papua Movement
  • PBHAM: Pas Bantuan Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia Aceh -- Human Rights and Legal Aid Office
  • PHIA: Pemberdayaan Hareukat Inong Aceh -- Empowerment for Acehnese Women
  • PKF: United Nations Peacekeeping Force
  • PMI: Indonesian Red Cross
  • Polri: Republic of Indonesia Police -- Indonesian police
  • PUSA: Persatuan Ulama Seluruh Aceh -- All Aceh Religious Scholars' Association
  • RATA: Rehabilitation Action for Victims of Torture in Aceh
  • SGI: Satuan Gabungan Intelijen -- Indonesian Combat Intelligence Unit
  • SIRA: Aceh Referendum Information Centre
  • SMUR: Solidaritas Mahasiswa Untuk Rakyat -- Student Solidarity for the People Movement
  • TAPOL: Indonesian human rights NGO
  • TNA: Tentara Nasional Aceh -- National Army of Aceh
  • TNI: Tentara Nasional Indonesia -- Indonesian Regular Army
  • UNAMET: United Nations Assistance Mission in East Timor
  • UNHCR: United Nations High Commission for Refugees -- the UN Refugee Agency
  • UNTAET: United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor

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