Friday, 9 March 2007

Malayalam, Blogolb and Rushdie

I've finally gotten around to reading the Booker of Bookers, Rushdie's Midnight Children, and along with his most enjoyable madhouse prose come interesting titbits (I'm still thrilled about discovering titbit is an acceptable variation of tidbit) relating to the subcontinent.

And I'd like to think it was because Rushdie knew I was going to read his book that he mentions, for no reason that seems related to the story as such, that India is host to the only language in the world whose name is a palindrome: Malayalam.

Wikipedia then furnished me with the further revelation that Malayalam also happens to be the longest single-word palindrome in the English language. Thus when it came to registering this very blog after having decided I've got too much time on my hands to let them just wander down somewhere between my legs, I fell under the spell of Jung's notion of synchronicity and proceeded to determine that these two events, the new blog and the linguistic fervour arising from titbits and palindromes, were definitely related.

But anything mentioning tits I did not think to be the finest thing for this website to have in a prominent place, so blogolb became the obvious, and some cantankerous bastards would say, rather unexciting choice for a title and domain name.

Unfortunately, this Michael and his dated "Thoughts" from 2003 have already taken, what looks to me like a Chinese site has already taken, and my money-pinching ways have precluded me from buying

So now I'm left with Thus Sprach... at the address that appears in your browser.


Update: This blog has been up for only three days, but already I've had to post a correction related to this, my very first post.

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