Sunday, 11 March 2007

Rushdie Needs To Know About Kanak

The very first entry on this blog, written up and posted only two days ago, has been peddling lies!

Malayalam is NOT the only name of a language that happens to be a palindrome, and Language Hat (via Far Outliers) have shown up Rushdie's and my own shortcomings, for Kanak is also a palindromic language name.

Thus the list of languages whose names are palindromes that I know of comes to two: the Dravidian language of Malayalam found in Southern India (whose palindromic status was incorrectly heralded as unique in Rushdie's Midnight Children); and the Melanesian language of Kanak spoken in New Caledonia (whose palindromic status I noticed in a blog entry on Language Hat that had nothing to do with reading anything in reverse.)

Although I am decidedly disappointed at having spread inaccuracy on the internet, I am nevertheless decidedly delighted to say that an internet source is taking precendence over another of the hard-copy and bounded variety.

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